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Krsna Vision - MultiVision
ISKCON  Prabhupada's ISKCON Deity Show  Krishna the All Attractive
9 slide projectors
Kumba Mela  Kumba Mela Remember Prabhupada  Remembering Prabhupada
Gauranga Bhajan Band  Gaurana Bhajan Band Vrindavana  Vrindavana
Bhaja Hu Re Mana
 Bhaja Hu Re Mana
Reincarnation  Reincarnation Tulasi Kirtana  Tulasi Kirtana
Beyond Birth and Death  Beyond Birth & Death Siksastakam  Sri Siksastakam
Introduction to a lecture  Introduction To A Lecture

nitya in Riga with pKrsna Vision set up

Krsna Vision produces multi-projector slide shows. To date there have been 15 programs developed, 13 of which are currently available. At present there are a few other devotees in Europe and India that have an identical 9-projector setup and present the Krsna Vision shows.

The idea for Krsna Vision was conceived in 1985 when the Italian devotees required a visually entertaining way of informing the public at numerous large gatherings.

The "multivision" show is made up of 9 slide projectors syncronized and programmed with a computer. A tape with the audio track controls the show during a public presentation. Krsna-prema dsa composes and records all the music and Nitya-trpta devi dasi takes the photos and creates the visual composition. They write the script together.

1985 one-room studio
Studio expansion
Krsna Vision screen poster Studio 1 Studio
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